Converting Real Estate Leads from Online Generation

More buyers searching for homes online, and top portals, like Zillow, are capturing more of the real estate audience. The trend of online leads will only become more important for real estate agents. Realty Web Syndicate have developed proven process of generating buyer leads primarily using pay-per-click marketing — but brokers and agents can also utilize our proven strategies to any online lead, including sellers and leads who come from search engine marketing or Facebook.


Realty Web Syndicate Lead Generation Benefits

  1. Detailed lead-process system focus on your unique niche
  2. Expert support for improving lead conversions
  3. Mobile optimized webpages for smart phones and tablets
  4. Respond lightning-fast with email autoresponders
  5. Profile the buyer and property with our CRM
  6. Always seek to improve and innovate based on the customer’s feedback


Converting online leads at a high rate requires a detailed system. Our CRM allows agents to easily view all their prospects’ information and track their activity like favorite listings, save searches and email listing alerts.


Realistic Goals for Generating Internet Leads Online

It takes an average of 6 to 8 months for an average online lead to come to become active. Agent’s shouldn’t expect online leads convert to sales immediately. The sales process can take between 6 to 24 months.


Real estate sales is about building relationships over the long term which means communicating with prospects by email and phone. With the RWS Dashboard, agents can track relationships over time and use visitors’ online activity to learn more about their needs.


Most of lead are generated using Pay-per-click. This means that the agent pays for the prospect to visit their website. On average 12% of pay-per-click visitors convert into leads, with around 85% of them having phone numbers.


Outside of paying for more leads you can generate leads yourself using WordPress blogging and listing sites like Craigslist. Every blog post in WordPress gets syndicated to pingomatic, which then sends the post to search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you write good, original content, it will show up in the search engine results, and this creates free organic traffic.


Write about what is going on locally like events, politics, & news. To have a successful blog, their needs to be content that is relevant and interesting. If the blog is focused on something that people are interested in, then it will attract visitors and build a following.


Our IDX Plugin is built for WordPress and includes many search engine optimized features that leverage the listings in the MLS as content within WordPress. This comprehensive reach is backed by the most powerful and intuitive editing and analytics tools in the real estate industry.


Mobile Responsive Real Estate Website

Each website is tailored to deliver the best possible experience for every type of home buyer — whether they’re at work on a desktop, at home on a tablet, or on the go on their phone. This comprehensive reach is backed by the most powerful and intuitive editing and analytics tools in the real estate industry. With our intuitive software you’ll instantly see how your sites are performing, and be able to add, edit, and adjust pages on the fly. This combination of reach, power, and ease-of-use sells more homes than any other website solution.

The RWS team understands that innovation will greatly impact our customers and deepen the value of our business. This outlook is responsible for developing our industry leading real estate platform, which powers everything from our hosted IDX services to real-time, high traffic analytic services. We utilize massive sets of MLS data to deliver large, highly scaled web applications. Our platform runs on a varied technology stack and we work within different engineering techniques, such as enterprise level data driven programming. Since we are technology focused, our groundbreaking approach will help shape our company and our products, every single day.