Custom Web Forms from Realty Web Syndicate

We are excited to announce a new web app currently under development. The new Online Form Builder from Realty Web Syndicate will allow you to easily create web forms The web app is a great tool for converting visitors to leads. The web forms can be branded and styled.

You can create an account for free and start building your own custom web forms. The web app will automatically generate the code to paste to embed the form on your webpage. You can create simple contact forms or very sophisticated surveys or questionnaires.

The forms are very easy to design. You can easily add input, select, check boxes, radio and text area fields to the form. You can even style your forms with css. You also have the ability to create internal fields that are hidden from the user. There is no limit to the number of forms you can create.

There is a built in autoresponder that can automatically send reply messages after the form is submitted.The leads are stored in a database and you can export the data to csv format for use with another CRM or to just store the leads in MS Excel.The app will provide you performance stats for each web form and help you improve your online marketing over time.

I have been using the web forms with pay per click advertising. I simply add these web forms to landing pages to capture leads. We usually offer a brochure, or info on a new home development. After the form is submitted the visitor will click through to the main website. So far the program has been very successful.