New Lead Generation Feature: SMS Notification

Realty Web Syndicate announces lead notification using SMS messages. Text alerts are sent to agents the instant a lead comes in from a lead capture landing page, visitor sign up or listing information request. No matter where you are, you will be immediately notified of new activity on your website.


The new feature reduces the time it takes to respond to online leads and improves the agent’s ability to convert a lead into a sale. The odds of successfully contacting an online lead are 100 times higher if the lead hears from an agent within five minutes of submitting an online form. With our new SMS notifications, real estate agents are instantly connected with a new lead.
You will need to enter your SMS settings to enable this feature. Simply log into your Dashboard, then select SMS Settings located under the user menu in the top left corner. Next select your wireless carrier and enter your mobile number.  Message and data rates may apply. Please consult with your wireless carrier for applicable messaging fees.