New Naples, FL Real Estate Website

Realty Web Syndicate is proud to announce the launch of a new real estate website for Direct Home Realty. Direct Home Realty is a Naples real estate firm that specializes in residential, commercial and leasing services. The new website features a complete real estate listing web application that is designed to help their real estate agents capture leads from the website.

Naples Webmasters was able to create a new website that incorporates modern features like the ability for agents to edit their own listings. There is also the ability to search listings within the database and organize the properties into groups based on property type, location, or other factors. The overall benefit is a dynamic website that is easy to manage and user friendly.

One really great feature for lead generation is the ability for website visitors to sign up as members. Members can have access to features like saved searches, adding properties to favorites and automatically being notified of new listings based on their search criteria.

In order to combat spam we replaced email addresses with CAPTCHA forms. We also programmed the contact form submissions to be stored in database. This way all leads are saved and available in the website backend.

In addition, we incorporated the SEO features like dynamically generated “search-engine-friendly” urls for property listings and the static pages. The search engine benefit of this alone justified the opting for a new website.


  • Ability to add an unlimited number of property listings
  • Setup multiple user accounts for Agents, Clients and Admins
  • Support multiple property classes (Sales, Rentals etc..)
  • Ability to define different fields for each property class
  • Ability for users to search listings
  • You can define which fields are searchable, through our easy to use administrative interface
  • Upload multiple images at once for listings
  • Automatic creation of thumbnail images
  • Automatic re-size of uploaded images
  • dynamically generated “search-engine-friendly” urls for property listings and the static pages
  • Users can sign up and create Member accounts
  • Members can save searches and add properties to favorites
  • Nightly New/Modified Listing Notification for members
  • Replace email addresses with CAPTCHA forms to prevent spam
  • Contact form submissions will be stored in database
  • Email listing to a friend, with leads stored in database