Real Estate Lead Generation Website

In order for real estate sales associates to truly benefit from a successful real estate lead generation website, they have to know how to turn a prospect into a transaction.


Success in real estate is measured by commissions. Veteran real estate professionals know how to build relationships overtime and bring all the interested parties to the closing table.


Although real estate technology can automate tasks, save time and generate prospects, there is still a human side to making the sale. The Internet cannot replace the real estate professional. Real estate transactions are rarely simple and require legal, financial and logistical support in order to transfer ownership of real property.


At Realty Web Syndicate, we understand the value and importance of real estate professionals. We seek to understand the needs of our clients and develop simple solutions to complex real world problems. Our technology has developed organically to meet the challenges of our clients.


The Realty Web Syndicate Lead Generation Platform is built to produce results. We focus on generating quality buyer and seller leads. Our real estate CRM platform allows agents to automate tasks and simplify the process of selling real estate.


There seems to be a tendency by companies, like BoomTown, to provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Our experience working with agents and brokers for the last 10 years has taught us that every client is different. We firmly believe that in order to meet the agents needs there needs to be a high level of customization for the total Internet marketing effort. We divide our Internet marketing into two categories, branding and lead generation. Branding is more qualitative where lead generation is quantitative. Both are necessary to meet the client’s needs and both require a custom solution.


Realty Web Syndicate has developed a sophisticated sales and marketing platform for real estate. Our multifaceted lead generation software can benefit individual agents teams and brokerages.


Real estate is local, and some of the amazing products out there don’t work all that well in every market. Cookie cutter solution are part of the problem with the technology offered through the franchises and with the companies that create solutions for all. Agents end up with technology that doesn’t meet their individual needs.



Our real estate solution is tailored for our clients market and because of it, agents have most of what they need and might not need to use their broker’s technology.


Our Basic IDX-based site includes a standard home search using city, price and bedroom count and a slider of their featured listings on the front page.


The websites provide IDX (Internet data exchange) search, mobile-friendly responsive design, lead capture features and blogging capabilities.


All websites include our customer relationship management system; drip marketing. Messages are stored in the CRM and can be easily converted to prospect profiles at a click of a button. In addition, our experts offer online advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook and other channels; and coaching and support.

Our platform can allow agents to generate market analysis reports, and automate sending the reports based on the prospects interests. Agents can track how many potential buyers have favorite listings, and send agents alert emails when potential buyers are interested in their listing.
Realty Web Syndicate offers a turnkey real estate marketing solution to real estate professionals that generates results.