Realty Web Syndicate API for developers

The Realty Web Syndicate API is a Real Estate Listing search application, a real-time Real Estate CRM and a Website Traffic Monitoring platform. It is made for real estate professionals who need tools that are easy enough to use, but powerful enough to produce real-world results.


The Realty Web Syndicate API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality into WordPress websites, mobile apps, desktop apps or other apps. API access requires an API account which can be purchased using our secure online portal.


For brokers and team leaders, the benefit comes in the form of increased sales and commissions. The RWS Dashboard helps agents keep organized and track their marketing performance with live metrics. The Realty Web Syndicate technology helps simplify the process of marketing with automation tools like drip email marketing.


What is API?

API (application program interface) is a standard framework for securely interacting with  creating software applications. The API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming user interface components. A good API makes it easier to develop an application by providing the basic building blocks.Whether it’s a WordPress website, web application or mobile app, the Realty Web Syndicate API provides a scalable solution for developers.


RWS API Account

The core RWS product is the API account. The API account enables the agent to display IDX listings on their website and gives them access to the Dashboard for managing their prospects and messages.


RWS API Account Includes

  • RWS API Account provisioning
  • Access to RWS Dashboard
  • Install Files for WordPress
  • Unlimited Updates for the WordPress  RWS IDX Plugin
  • Online Ticketing available for billing or technical support


The API Account can be used by developers to create powerful tools for lead generation. Not only does the API allow developers to easily display IDX listing data, developers can also take advantage of the powerful CRM to generate leads and track visitor website activity.


Developers can use the API to create landing pages for generating buyer and seller leads. In addition, developers can create Single Property Sites to showcase individual listings.


The IDX-integrated API allows access to listing photos, property descriptions, geolocation and more. This powerful API pulls the property data and images directly from the agent’s cooperating MLS.


RWS API Features:

  • IDX Integration allows for automatic feed of property data and photos
  • Geolocation for Google Maps Integration of property listings
  • Contact Relationship Management tools for adding messages and prospects


Examples of API powered Microsites

  • Single Property Site
  • Seller Landing Page
  • Buyer Landing Page
  • Basic Agent Site
  • Neighborhood Site
  • Home Value Site


What is the IDX?

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, is a service that allows access to listing data provided by the MLS Boards. Also known as Broker Reciprocity, IDX encompasses the policies, rules, and software that allow listings from the MLS database to be displayed publicly.

Most real estate agents and brokers use IDX to simply display MLS listings or home search tools on their website, but as home buyers have become more Internet-savvy, IDX has evolved to encompass more.  Agents today have the option to use basic home search tools provided by their MLS, or build more advanced IDX solutions; usually with the help of an IDX vendor.


MLS Organizations offer basic IDX access as a benefit to their members and property searching soon became a vital part of any real estate website. MLS Fees are passed on directly to the agent/broker, and surcharges are what RWS will fairly charge its customers to cover data costs assessed by the MLS.


RWS IDX Plugin for WordPress

The RWS IDX Plugin is a simple to use yet powerful IDX Plugin for WordPress. The plugin enables the display of listings from MLS within WordPress pages, posts and widgets. In addition, visitors can perform advanced property searches based on detailed search criteria.


The plugin is designed to be versatile, and allow the web designer to perform customizations for design and functionality. Override files can be placed in the WordPress theme directory for easy customizations. Because the override files are located in the theme, the plugin is easy to update without losing customizations.


RWS Dashboard

The RWS Dashboard is a self-serve real estate CRM platform for real estate professionals, teams and brokerages.

The RWS Dashboard is your central portal for managing Prospects, Messages, Website traffic and Property Listings. The RWS Dashboard will provide you with the metrics you need to measure the performance of your Internet marketing.

Our easy-to-use, real-time platform allows you manage and monitor:

  • Manage Prospects
  • View Messages
  • Real-time Website Traffic
  • Manage Tasks
  • Drip Marketing
  • Reports


RWS Dashboard is a real-time Real Estate CRM and Website Traffic Monitoring platform for real estate professionals who need tools that are easy enough to use, but powerful enough to produce real-world results.


Real estate sales requires building relationships over the long term which requires contacting clients by telephone and email messaging. With the RWS Dashboard, you can track relationships over time and use visitors’ behavior to learn more about their needs.

The RWS Dashboard helps close more real estate transactions. Turning leads into customers is about knowing who they are and what they want. With the RWS lead management tools, agents can capture and manage prospects on any RWS website, helping them manage and prioritize their leads.


About Realty Web Syndicate

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Naples, FL, Realty Web Syndicate is a SaaS company that offers a robust lead generation platform for real estate professionals. The platform includes a WordPress real estate website integrated with local MLS data, customized lead generation, website visitor tracking, and a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) with marketing automation. Realty Web Syndicate’s platform is used by the top-producing real estate brokerages and teams around the country. For more about Realty Web Syndicate, visit