RWS Dashboard: Lead Manager Updates and New Features

I’m excited to announce new updates to the RWS Dashboard, Lead Manager software.


Messages has been reorganized into Inbox, Sent and Listing Alerts.



The inbox will include contact form submissions and lead capture forms. The inbox messages can be converted to a new prospect for the CRM. Added additional info panels for Top Subjects and Top Pages.



Sent messages include autoresponders that can be trigger for specific events like new lead, and new signups. Added additional info panels for Top Subjects and Top Recipients.

Listing Alerts

Listing alerts include automatically sent email messages for new listings matching their saved search criteria.  Added additional info panels for Top Saved Search Titles and Top Recipients.

Prospect View page has been updated with detailed message info organized into tabs for Inbox, Sent, and Listing Alerts.

Email Events

Monitor email delivery with the email events feature. Find out if your sent emails are reaching their recipients. This feature allows you to easily identify bogus email addresses in your CRM. 

New Feature: Prospect Timeline

The prospect timeline will display the most recent activity for your prospects, including new accounts, saved searches, favorite listings and more.