• How will I be billed?
We invoice and charge customers monthly, quarterly or annually. There are no contracts with Realty Web Syndicate.
Invoices and Subscription Renewal notices are sent to customers by email on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis. All invoices are due upon receipt of services. If you choose to prepay annually by check, your account will be credited, and future invoices will automatically apply the credit.
If you have any questions about billing, please email admin@realtywebsyndicate.com.

• What if I notice my invoice is incorrect?
As soon as you notice your invoice is incorrect or does not appear to be correct, please email us at admin@realtywebsyndicate.com and document the discrepancy so we can check it against your order and make any corrections that are needed. You can also call us at 239-206-3486 to reach someone by phone M-F 9-5pm EST.
We are not responsible for items on your invoice that may have been billed incorrectly or you feel may be errors 30 days after the invoice in question has been issued. No retroactive billing credits are allowable unless documentation is supplied to us in writing of the agreed upon-amount. We will then investigate the issue and if it is our oversight we will gladly fix our error.

• What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal for hosting fees. If you choose to be billed annually we can also accept a check or money order as a form of payment. Please email admin@realtywebsyndicate.com if you have further questions on this topic or need to change your current payment method.

• When is the invoice due?
All invoices are due upon receipt of services. You are responsible for making a timely payment to avoid disruption of your hosting services. If you need to make special payment arrangements on your account please contact us at admin@realtywebsyndicate.com for considerations.

• How do I cancel my hosting and billing with Realty Web Syndicate?
We are sorry you wish to cancel. However, if you must cancel your site please email admin@realtywebsyndicate.com. All cancellations must be submitted in email form by the 20th of the month in order not to be billed for the upcoming month. Please refer to your domain name when emailing us. We do not accept cancellation notices by live chat or phone — we must have documentation of your request.

• Do you give refunds on hosting time I do not use?

No. Cancellations received after the 20th of the month will be processed after the upcoming billing cycle. There are no partial or full refunds for cancelled hosting.

• What if my web site has been disabled for non-payment?

After the invoice is 30 days past due, if payment is not received by you or your card has been declined for payment and we have not heard from you to make payment arrangements – we will disable your site for non-payment. The site is restored within minutes after the payment has been received.
Please keep your hosting account fees current in order to avoid disruption in service to your web site. We make every attempt to contact you from the time the invoice goes out up until the 30 days, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure your invoices are paid in a timely manner. Please make sure your contact details including a valid phone number and email address are updated in our records so we can reach you with important business matters should they arise.

• Is there anything else I should be aware of?

We are not responsible for:
• failed applications of software
• software issues on your computer – such as viruses or firewall problems
• failures of third party software such as FTP or email clients
• local connectivity issues caused by your internet service provider
• search engine ranking of your site in any search engine
• customers failure to understand or use application software

• Do I have to sign a contract with Realty Web Syndicate?
No. We do not have contracts — we believe in earning your business.

• How do I reach your billing department?
You can email us: admin@realtywebsyndicate.com or call 239-206-3486

Also, please take a moment to review our Terms of Service.