Mobile Optimized Real Estate Websites

Zillow recently announced that as much as 70 percent of all their weekend traffic is now coming from mobile devices. More importantly Google has warned that recent changes to their search algorithm will negatively impact websites that are not mobile-friendly. Prospective buyers are no longer sitting at their desktop searching for homes, instead they are on their smartphones and tablets looking at mobile optimized real estate websites.

These are just a couple of the reasons why mobile is clearly dominating the real estate web design and lead generation strategies. The advantages of a mobile-first approach to web design are no longer debatable. Brokers and agents that have built their websites for the mobile platform are winning, and they are quickly making their competitors obsolete.

A successful real estate website is focused on lead generation and lead generation for mobile is proving to be much more effective at creating quality leads. A website designed for desktop is lucky to collect an email address and more likely to get fake email addresses. Mobile optimized websites are more likely to capture prospects cell phone numbers, which are real numbers tied to real people.

By combining a powerful lead capture advantage with all of the other great features that only a fully integrated mobile system can offer, agents will not only be able to better engage their hottest leads but also be able to turn those leads into transactions.

Our “Mobile-first” approach to web design is focused on smart phones, tablets and other devices regardless of the browser. Realty Web Syndicate can build a website to provide an optimal viewing experience, easier reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices. We can create webpages that appear consistent across various digital mediums, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

Most customers will spend a majority of their time search listings and viewing properties. Our property search page and listing pages are designed to look great on a mobile device. This makes it easier for your buyers to find the perfect home while searching from their smart phone.

Realty Web Syndicate websites appear consistent across various digital mediums, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. Each website is tailored to deliver the best possible experience for every type of home buyer — whether they’re at work on a desktop, at home on a tablet, or on the go on their phone. This comprehensive reach is backed by the most powerful and intuitive editing and analytics tools in the real estate industry. With our intuitive software you’ll instantly see how your sites are performing, and be able to add, edit, and adjust pages on the fly. This combination of reach, power, and ease-of-use sells more homes than any other website solution.