Realty Web Syndicate announces launch of Enterprise Broker Solutions

Realty Web Syndicate Inc., a leading provider of real estate brokerage technology, and marketing services, announced the launch of their Enterprise Broker Solutions.


Over the last six months, Realty Web Syndicate Inc. claims that their lead generation has increased by over 20X (20 times), with millions of qualified buyer leads in April. This may be in part because of their large scale marketing efforts and promotions.  Some new features include lead and referral generation tools for real estate brokerages. A feature in the pipeline includes a powerful Customer Management Software fully integrated in to WordPress.


Drew Macdonald, CEO and Founder of Realty Web Syndicate Inc. says, “Our expert technical, creative and marketing support can generate results and benefit your brokerage.”


Included in the Enterprise Broker Solutions is expert web & email technical support,  software installation and database migration. Using a secure control panel brokers and team managers can monitor and measure the overall sales performance. Our lead generation program is fully integrated with our powerful CRM to help manage prospective buyers and sellers.


Another feature of the new Enterprise Broker Solutions is the online recruitment tools. Realty Web Syndicate will create a website for recruiting of real estate professionals. Website will provide information on real estate career with your brokerage. Email marketing campaign focused on recruiting real estate professionals.


For some brokerages Real Web Syndicate can provide in-house creative agency is available to help you craft your brand. Industry leading graphic designers, and marketing experts will custom design your marketing, branding and identity pieces. Brokers can now help their agents needing a stylish single property website for that $5M listing.


In addition Realty Web Syndicate can provide elegantly designed client relationship software is simple to use, looks slick, integrated with WordPress. Our fully integrated CRM will  to help you keep in front of your past, future clients, referral sources and potential leads. We’re always championing new technology to help you grow your brokerage bigger and faster!
Real Estate brokers can save time and manage the critical aspects of their business. Brokers can see what homes the prospective buyers are actually looking at. Automatic drip marketing campaigns help brokers stay in front of past clients, future Buyers, and Sellers.