Realty Web Syndicate offers custom IDX solutions for real estate websites. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows real estate professionals to display properties from their Multiple Listing System on their website. The integration of MLS properties into a real estate website attracts visitors and is a great tool for lead generation.

Realty Web Syndicate provides a truly custom IDX solution. All pages can be fully customized and styled to match your company’s brand.

We can fully integrate and customize the MLS data to your requirements. No iFrame or links to outside websites. All MLS data is displayed in your website, which greatly benefits you with search engines like Google and Bing.

Features Include:

  • Google Maps Integration
  • Quick Search
  • Featured Listings
  • Lead Capture
  • Custom Search Page
  • Custom Listing Page
  • Custom Search Results

MLS/IDX Module

These IDX services are provided with a website that you have purchased from Realty Web Syndicate or for a website you already have with Realty Web Syndicate, such as our template or custom real estate websites.

MLS/IDX Integration

These IDX services are for those who already have an existing website with another website service or are building their own website and want MLS/IDX services to be integrated or framed within their website.

Meet with a qualified web consultant to create your own uniquely branded look & feel as well as to offer you advice on the next move online.

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