Introducing Home Value Tool Landing Page

We are excited to announce our new Home Value Tool landing page. This powerful marketing tool allows you to direct your customers to a mobile-friendly website focused on acquiring seller leads. The objective of the Home Valuation Tool is to entice sellers to register for a free home valuation.

The home value tool landing page is specially tailored to convert visitors into leads by capturing information like name, email, phone and property address. The landing page is designed to work and look great on any device therefore producing more conversions and better quality leads.

The new landing page is designed to capture leads and provide a basic home valuation based on the property address. The tool uses Google Maps and Zillow to match the property address and display the valuation.

Users will submit their address to find out what their home is worth and are then prompted to sign up to view the valuation report.

After the web form is submitted, the visitor will be allowed to view a home valuation report based on the property address provided. The home valuation report uses IDX data to provide automated detailed report for similar listings.

When the visitor submits the form, the system simultaneously sends an email to the agent, a welcome email to the visitor, and adds the lead to the CRM as a message. Messages can be easily converted to a Prospect using the CRM.

The landing page is designed to work and look great on any device therefore producing more conversions and better quality leads.

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Home Valuation Tool Accuracy

The Home Valuation Tool relies on 3rd Party services to provide the Home Valuation.

Google API provides geocoding of the property address for identifying the property. The Place Autocomplete service in the Places API is used for responding to user input. Place Autocomplete is designed to return multiple possible options and to allow a user to choose between them. Address geocoding in the Geocoding API has much higher latency, and also produces less accurate results for incomplete or ambiguous queries.

Street View, by Google Maps, is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images. Some property addresses will not have a Street View available. For example, some gated communities do not allow access to Google Street View.

Zillow’s Home Valuation API provides an estimate of a home’s market value. The Zestimate incorporates public and user-submitted data, taking into account home facts, location and market conditions.

The Zestimate’s accuracy depends on location and the availability of data in an area. Some areas have more detailed home information available — such as square footage and number of bedrooms or bathrooms — and other areas do not. The more data available, the more accurate the Zestimate value will be.

Obviously, the automated home valuation is not an appraisal and it should be used as a starting point. Buyers, sellers and homeowners should consider requesting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent.